How to Maximize the Effect of Formal Living Room

People who usually entertain not just friends but associates and clients at home prefer to have a formal living room. To achieve this look and appeal what you need are pieces of formal living room furniture.

This does not mean you have to buy very expensive pieces though. You can mix and match both expensive and affordable furniture and still come up with a formal atmosphere. Nevertheless, since you are after all in your home formal does not have to mean stiff and strained. The atmosphere can still be friendly and homey too.

The Elements of a Formal Living Room
Comfort is first and foremost important in the living room no matter how formal you want it to be. Guests and the family should be able to enjoy not just the great looks but the luxury of sitting in soft sofas and chairs amidst an elegant looking living room. Of course, it follows that all formal living room furniture should at least mix well together. Many would prefer matching pieces even.

To produce a friendlier environment, however, you can inject brighter colors. For instance, blue and red are usually mixed with the usual colors. If you even intersect colors in your arrangement and in your accessories, it would be eye catching as well.

To make the room look more elegant and grandiose, you should highlight the best parts of the living room too. Aside from getting the best furniture, you can build a fireplace on the wall and make it your focal point. You can also put some draperies to accent the entire look.

Formal Living Room

Formal Living Room Decorating Ideas
With the fireplace as your focal point, you should face the sofa and all the other formal living room furniture pieces to that direction of the wall. This will easily highlight the fireplace and create an elegant but warm appeal for the room. You could also get a pair of chair flanks and place it near the fireplace.

Green would look great in this setting. Wing back chairs would also maintain the formal and elegant feel of the room. If you have a grandfather’s clock, you can place it on one side and balance it out with a plant on the other side. A step-stool can add to the charm of the room. It could even serve as a side table as well. On the other side of the chair, you can place a floor lamp. Not only will this provide illumination but warmth and elegant glow as well.

Place a centerpiece on the mantel too. For instance, model ships generally exude luxury and success. It could even come out as a fashion statement. To complete the ambiance,place window treatments above eye level too.

The trick is to use rich and dark tones in all the wooden parts of the living room furniture. If you know how to pick furniture pieces that look beautiful and expensive you would be able to create a formal living room with minimal costs. Of course, if you know the stores that offer quality and formal looking furniture, the job would be easier. Your formal living room should impress guests easily.

Formal Living Room Decorating Ideas

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