Should I Get a Down Comforter or An Alternative Down Comforter

Your comforter is the top priority for those who love to have a comfortable sleep, I mean, who doesn’t want to have a fluffy pillow or comforter. Down comforters or Alternative comforters are two different things, but they share the similar purposes. Differences might be in the choice and the features. So let’s look at some of the contributing factors on which one to choose.

Before buying any item, those who like perfection with satisfaction need to make sure to every aspect of the subject, from features to your comfort as well. Let’s dig deep and look into the matter.

down comforter

Down or Synthetic?

Down Comforters: They made from tiny bits of birds fluff, which you ca find underneath of the bird’s nest. The ability of that fluff to keep the nest and the eggs warm, which has used in the Down Comforters. It can maintain the body warm even when the temperature is icy cold.

Down Alternative Comforters: You can call this filling as a more artificial way to fill, but it does keep you warmer, breath better and affordable than Down comforter. That’s not all, and you will feel the relief from Allergies.

Maintaining Instructions

I will not be rooting for any of the comforters, but I would like to say that the both comforters do come with extensive care instructions and it takes patience to wash it and not damage it at the same time. I would like to suggest you go for a dry-clean-only comforter, which is cheap and also damage free.


The market has grown from basic to designer items and there is no guarantee that you will be getting the best Down Comforter or Alternative Down Comforter,  there are plenty of brands who are planning to bring the best designs out in the market. There are many designs you can choose from and the more you spend, the better designs you can get on both sides.

Alternative Down Comforter

Exterior Fabric

There are two types of finishing used in the Exterior Comforters, and you can choose from different types of exterior materials.

  1. Natural Materials: When natural materials are included like Silk, 100% Cotton, Prima Cotton, Egyptian cotton, and Luxury cotton. When you are getting your cover exterior done in the natural fabrics, it is evident that the quality and the feel would be Rich feel and luxurious. However, the prices are something you should be concerned because not every brand manufacturer natural made exterior.
  2. Artificial Touch: There is no harm in using Natural & artificially made synthetic exterior fabrics. The microfibers used in the making of the materials are high-quality which can resist stains, water resistant and more. One of the interesting factors is the price is affordable than Natural Materials.


There is no such thing as Winner and Loser, especially in this case. It depends on your needs and you budget. If your budget allows you to buy an expensive one then you can go for it or sticking to the budget is ideal too. What is your opinion? Let us know in the comments section.


Tips on How to Pick the Right Living Room Cabinets

Cabinets are, first and foremost, made for storing things. However, living room cabinets are placed in an area where people would most often see it. So, it should also look stylish and elegant like the other living room furniture. They should not only be functional but aesthetic as well.

Choice in Styles and Colors
Living room cabinets come in various styles. If your living room has a classic and traditional look and feel, you will find as classic and even antiquated living room cabinets to match the rest of the room. Such style would generally have crown moldings and carvings as well.

On the other hand, you may also choose modern living room cabinets. It would then have the clean and simple lines that characterize the modern furniture.
You will also find living room cabinets in various colors. So if you are following a color scheme in your living room, you would also find the right colors in the furniture shop. You can also be as creative in playing with colors.

Living Room Cabinets1

What Other Furniture Is There
Bookcases are considered as living room cabinets too. But bookcases can also be designed so that you won’t only have space for books but for other smaller or bigger items as well. Bookcases are great for filling spaces when your living room looks bare. It also minimizes clutter so your living room would look tidy and more elegant.

If you have a fireplace, you can also build a living room cabinet around the fireplace. This would not only fill the space but highlight the fireplace as well. If you incorporate granite, marble or slate, it would even look coordinated and really sleek and elegant. This would not only help organize your living room but enhance its beauty as well.

On the other hand, if your living room features an entertainment center, the living room cabinets in your living room should house the TV, DVD players, consoles and other appliances there. More importantly, it should be able to keep cables out of the way so your living room will look clean and organized. Again, this would enhance the overall look and ambiance of the room.

Living Room Cabinets2

Set a Budget
Just as living room cabinets can vary in materials and in shapes and sizes, prices could also vary a lot. So you should set a budget before buying anything. If you are buying other furniture pieces you also have to set aside some budget for them too. Just make sure that your budget is reasonable though. If you strictly want a certain look or material, you might have to set a higher or more appropriate budget.

If you cannot afford it, you would have to compromise as long as you don’t sacrifice quality in the end too. It would help to window shop first before going on buying mode. By being wise with your choices on living room cabinets you don’t only make the room look more elegant and chic you could also make life at home easier and even happier too.

Living Room Cabinets3

Get to Know the Best Living Room Chairs for Your Home

Sofas are not the only seating options available for living rooms. You will also need living room chairs to give more life to your home. You have to remember that contemporary chairs for the living room are very stylish. These chairs can also enhance your comfort because they are highly functional.

However, you need to know the right type of chairs that would be perfect for your living room. There are lots of factors to consider like the size of the chairs, the style, colors, and the special enhancements or attachments you need for comfort.

Before you visit an online furniture shop or local distributor, you should know first the different types of living room chairs available for you.

The Comfy Recliner

A recliner is one of the best chairs for the living room. This type of chair offers superior comfort for you. Most designs include a footrest and a tilting backrest. If you want to spend a relaxing time in the living room, then a recliner is a good option.

Some of the best contemporary recliners have several advanced attachments. These chairs may include adjustable levers, remote control adjuster, built-in massager, coffee cup holder, or built-in sound system.

Chaise Lounge

A chaise lounge is another good addition to your living room. This type of chair adds style and sophistication to your living room. A chaise lounge has a long seating area and a single backrest. It can be used to complement the living room sofa.

Comfy Recliner

The Love Seat

One of the best living room chairs that you can use is the love seat. This type of chair can seat two people comfortably. It has soft cushions, comfortable arm rest, high backrest and luxurious upholstery. A love seat is compact and will fit perfectly in a small space. You can spend a romantic moment with your partner if you have a living room love seat.

Rocking Chair

If you want to completely relax and enjoy the soothing rocking motion, then a rocking chair is best for you. This type of chair for the living room can also double as a decorative element especially if you will buy antique or vintage models. However, a rocking chair could take up a lot of space. It is best to use on corner spaces and areas near the fireplace.

Love Seat

Wingback Chair

A wingback chair is a nice addition to contemporary living rooms. The design of this chair offers superior convenience for you. It has a high backrest with special head support. The seat is wide with comfortable arm rest. In the past, the wing of this chair is used for protection against heat or cold drafts. Today, the wing of a wingback chair is used for decorative purposes only. This chair is quite bulky so make sure that you have extra space in the living room before you purchase it.

These are just some of the most stylish living room chairs available for you. You have to know the pros and cons of these chairs so you can buy the right one for your living room.


Wingback Chair

Home Decorating Tips Using Black Living Room Furniture

Black living room furniture is very stylish and elegant. It can make your living room more contemporary and chic. Unfortunately, most homeowners shy away from using black furniture. There is misconception that this kind of furniture will make a living room darker and smaller.

Although it is true that you have to avoid painting your walls in black, there is no interior decorating rule that forbids the use of black furniture. With a little planning and proper utilization of background color, black living room furniture will transform your home into a very cozy and sophisticated place.

So here are some practical home decorating tips that will enable you to use black furniture in the living room.

Create a Room Layout

Before you move everything in the living room to experiment with different floor plans, it would be wiser and easier to scale your plan. You can get a piece of paper to draw the specific furniture layout you want.

There is no need yet to consider the blending of colors in your design. The most important thing is to visualize how you will place the furniture in the living room. You may want to consult an interior design or a home improvement magazine. You can copy a model living room plan or use the illustrations as your guide in creating the furniture layout.

Black Living Room Furniture1


Set the Background for the Black Furniture

After deciding on the type of layout that you will create for the living room, the next thing to do is to paint the walls and floor. The walls and floor will serve as the background for your black furniture.

Use light colored paint for the wall. If you have no time for a house repainting, you can simply change the wall paper in the living room. Make sure to use the lightest possible color for the walls in order to allow the black furniture to stand out.

The color of the floor should also be light. Choose a color that will slightly contrast with the walls but should not be too dark. If you do not want to change your carpet or existing floor design, you can use floor rugs that will soften the color of the existing floor.

Black Living Room Furniture2

Use Natural or Artificial Lighting

After setting the background for your black living room furniture, you can now apply your desired layout. Set the furniture against the walls to create a nice color contrast. And to avoid the so-called darkening effect, you should allow natural light to enter the room. You can use the appropriate window drapes or blinds for this purpose.

Another option is to use artificial ambient lighting like floor lamps, desk lamp, or sconces. Adding a few mirrors in strategic areas can also lighten up the living room. You may also use the lights of wall mounted or desktop indoor water fountain as additional lighting elements.

You can easily decorate a room with black living room furniture. All you need to do is utilize the right color contrasts and ambient lighting to maximize the stylish effects of black furniture.

Black Living Room Furniture3

What Type of Small Living Room Furniture Do You Need?

Having smaller homes is a common scenario for many people. That is why their living rooms have smaller floor areas as well. Nevertheless, it does not mean that your living room cannot look hip and impressive to guests. It does not mean that you cannot be comfortable and satisfied with your living room too. With the right small living room furniture, you living room can look elegant and it can look chic as well.

Save Space and Avoid Clutter
What you need is small living room furniture that saves space. For instance, you can use corner sofa sets so that all pieces are next to the wall. You will be able to maximize the use of space right to the corners.

And so you have more space in the middle left. This will also make the room look cleaner since furniture pieces are not scattered in the middle. Of course, if there are just two of you in the house, you can also opt for a two-seater couch and still place it next to the wall to maximize space. With minimal number of furniture in the room, there’s less clutter so the room somehow end up looking open and cool.

corner sofa sets

Introduce Multi-function
Aside from using small living room furniture, it would help to use furniture that has more than one function. For example, you can use a futon sofa-bed so that while it saves space because of size it also serves as a spare bed. Of course, many sofa-beds today also offer storage. So again, you are able to maximize your use of available space. You even save money as well.

Coffee and side tables also offer more storage today to facilitate such a need. So you should look for this type of furniture to make your living room not only look fashionable but functional as well.

Sofa cum Bed

Create an Illusion of Space
Using small living room furniture already helps create an illusion of space. But the use of small items should extend to accessories as well. For one, if you have to decorate with framed artwork or photographs you should use smaller frames too.

Of course, it also helps that contemporary furniture has smaller spaces in mind as well. Without the traditional elaborate designs contemporary furniture now feature narrower and cleaner designs. This helps save space and avoids a cluttered look. You also get a more modern feel into the room.

Another way to create an illusion of space is to accessorize with complementary patterns. For instance, if you have to use throw pillows choose cover designs that somehow blends with the color and the design of the sofa. This again helps avoid clutter in your overall living room design and ambiance.

So in the end, you have to handpick every piece of furniture and accessory that goes into the room. While space is a problem, there is a way to go around it. When you learn how to save space, avoid clutter and create an illusion of space, your living room can be elegant and impressive as well.

Small Living Room Home


How to Maximize the Effect of Formal Living Room

People who usually entertain not just friends but associates and clients at home prefer to have a formal living room. To achieve this look and appeal what you need are pieces of formal living room furniture.

This does not mean you have to buy very expensive pieces though. You can mix and match both expensive and affordable furniture and still come up with a formal atmosphere. Nevertheless, since you are after all in your home formal does not have to mean stiff and strained. The atmosphere can still be friendly and homey too.

The Elements of a Formal Living Room
Comfort is first and foremost important in the living room no matter how formal you want it to be. Guests and the family should be able to enjoy not just the great looks but the luxury of sitting in soft sofas and chairs amidst an elegant looking living room. Of course, it follows that all formal living room furniture should at least mix well together. Many would prefer matching pieces even.

To produce a friendlier environment, however, you can inject brighter colors. For instance, blue and red are usually mixed with the usual colors. If you even intersect colors in your arrangement and in your accessories, it would be eye catching as well.

To make the room look more elegant and grandiose, you should highlight the best parts of the living room too. Aside from getting the best furniture, you can build a fireplace on the wall and make it your focal point. You can also put some draperies to accent the entire look.

Formal Living Room

Formal Living Room Decorating Ideas
With the fireplace as your focal point, you should face the sofa and all the other formal living room furniture pieces to that direction of the wall. This will easily highlight the fireplace and create an elegant but warm appeal for the room. You could also get a pair of chair flanks and place it near the fireplace.

Green would look great in this setting. Wing back chairs would also maintain the formal and elegant feel of the room. If you have a grandfather’s clock, you can place it on one side and balance it out with a plant on the other side. A step-stool can add to the charm of the room. It could even serve as a side table as well. On the other side of the chair, you can place a floor lamp. Not only will this provide illumination but warmth and elegant glow as well.

Place a centerpiece on the mantel too. For instance, model ships generally exude luxury and success. It could even come out as a fashion statement. To complete the ambiance,place window treatments above eye level too.

The trick is to use rich and dark tones in all the wooden parts of the living room furniture. If you know how to pick furniture pieces that look beautiful and expensive you would be able to create a formal living room with minimal costs. Of course, if you know the stores that offer quality and formal looking furniture, the job would be easier. Your formal living room should impress guests easily.

Formal Living Room Decorating Ideas